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Mitch Miller is the Co-Founder of Opposed Media

Father Freedom goes to great lengths to understand the human mind and how to use it for effective marketing. He’s logged 20,000+ hours of study and application and has tried to see the extremes of life such as visiting North Korea, or being held at gunpoint in Canada.

He’s been featured on Entrepreneur, Inc, Forbes, TEDx, radio stations, universities, Fast Company, Entrepreneur On Fire, and hundreds of podcasts and blogs

Mitch charges $19,200 for a day of in-person consulting, and currently travels the world virtually non-stop, home base being “The Opposed Media Compound” over in Phuket, Thailand where his business partner, Macaully Ryan and staff own multiple companies including music production and a martial arts school.

Mitch has developed training programs ranging from $7 online programs all the way to $5,000 group workshops, and his students and clients get real results. Mitch has hundreds of testimonials and referrals and twice he’s helped take businesses he’s worked with to over 1 million dollars per month in sales in less than 100 days.

Since 2015, Opposed Media has consistently produced waves of: 

201,300 in 3.5 hours, 70,000 in 24 hours, and 10,000 in 11 minutes

Students of his training programs often feel they are able to have breakthroughs they couldn’t get anywhere else, even going so far to say their lives have been changed forever, even helping some people decide against suicide.