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Full Name
Mitch Miller
Other Names
father freedom
noe petel
Operations Manager
[email protected]
August 20TH
edmonton, Canada


Mitch Miller is the Co-Founder of Opposed Media

As a former rock star who previously battled with drug addiction, homelessness, and even a heart attack at 21 years old, Mitch knows exactly  how to help others overcome limitations in life.

Mitch went from not being able to feed himself, to leading a movement of people craving freedom, truth, and business wisdom. He’s written 5 books, spoken at Universities both local and international, featured in Fast Company Magazine, Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast (over 1.5 Million listens per month) and is highly respected by top minds in the marketing and copywriting world.

Mitch has built different 9 businesses over his career, some successful, some not, the most recent being an advertising agency, landscaping company, and now Opposed Media.

Mitch has developed training programs ranging from $7 online programs all the way to $5,000 in-person workshops, and his students and clients get real results. For example, Neil started an online business and grew from zero to $20,000 per month in 5 months, and Derrick made $96,000 in just 72 hours.

Students of his training programs often feel they are able to have breakthroughs they couldn’t get anywhere else, even going so far to say their lives have been changed forever.


He once helped take a company from $178,000 per month to over 1.64 Million dollars per month in less than 100 days.

After writing a sales presentation script for a company just this December, they were able to make $201,000 in 3 hours, and over 1 million in 13 days.

Mitch Charges $19,200 for a day of consulting, and currently travels the world virtually non-stop, home base being “The Opposed Media Compound” over in Phuket, Thailand where his business partner, Macually Ryan and staff also organize non-profit projects to help local animals and children.

In a sea of boring “me too” business advice, Mitch’s shocking (and often refreshing) contrarian teaching style has people all around the world going crazy for a behind the curtain peek at the real secrets to marketing a business.

On June 5th, Mitch will be presenting a TEDx talk titled “Why Marketers are Superheroes”.