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Mitch Miller is the Co-founder of Opposed Media.

As a former rock star who battled with drug addiction, homelessness, and even a heart attack at 21 years old, Mitch knows exactly how to help others overcome limitations… especially in their marketing.

Mitch went from not being able to feed himself, to leading a movement of people craving freedom, truth, and marketing wisdom. He's written 5 books, spoken at Universities, featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Entrepreneur On Fire, TEDx, Thrive, Kivo, Fupping, Entrepreneur, 96.3 Star fm, and a hundred other podcasts, blogs, and radio shows.

Mitch comes highly respected by top minds in the marketing world. His advice is so valuable that 24% of his entire audience purchases something from him, which is virtually unheard of in the industry.

Mitch currently runs Opposed Media with his evil genius business partner Macaully Ryan. The business has two sides to it:

  1. Training and educating via events, and online training/coaching
  2. Doing your marketing and copywriting for you (Starts at $20,000)

Mitch has developed training programs ranging from $7 online programs all the way to $5,000 in-person workshops, and his students and clients get real results. For example, Neil started an online business and grew from zero to $20,000 per month in 5 months, and Derrick made $96,000 in just 72 hours.

Students of his training programs often feel they are able to have breakthroughs they couldn't get anywhere else, even going so far to say their lives have been changed forever, even helping some people avoid suicide.

Father Freedom goes to great lengths to understand the human mind and how to use it for effective marketing. He’s logged 20,000+ hours of study and application and has tried to see the extremes of life such as visiting North Korea, or being held at gunpoint in Canada.

He once helped take a company from $178,000 per month to over 1.64 million dollars per month in less than 100 days.

After writing a sales presentation script for a company just this December, they were able to make $201 ,OOO in 3 hours, and over 1 million in 13 days.

Mitch charges $19,200 for a day of in-person consulting, and currently travels the world virtually non-stop, home base being "The Opposed Media Compound" over in Phuket, Thailand where his business partner, Macaully Ryan and staff also organize non-profit projects to help local animals and children.

In a sea of boring "me too" business advice, Mitch's shocking (and often refreshing) contrarian teaching style has people all around the world going crazy for a behind the curtain peek at the real secrets to marketing a business.

*Mitch is available for live speaking gigs on the topics of:

  • Marketing
  • Human psychology
  • Copywriting
  • Self confidence
  • Positioning and getting high paying clients
  • Sales

Mitch travels extensively every year to promote his teachings, there's a chance he will be in a city near you this year.
Follow him on Facebook for upcoming dates.

2018 Travel Schedule

Dec 28 - Hong Kong
Jan 2 - Phuket, Thailand
Jan 15 - Bangkok, Thailand
Jan 17 - Manila, Philippines
Jan 21 - Phuket, Thailand
Feb 5 - Shanghai
Feb 6 - Dallas
Feb 7 - Austin, TX
Feb 19 - Denver
Feb 20 - Los Angeles
Feb 24 - San Diego California
March 4 - Los Angeles, California
March 5 - Shanghai, China
March 7 - Manila, Philippines
March 9 - Davao, Philippines
April 1 - Manila, Philippines
April 5 - Davao, Philippines
April 6 - Sydney, Australia
April 10 - Zhengzhou, China
April 11 - Beijing, China
April 13 - North Korea
April 16 - Manila, Philippines
April 28 - Phuket, Thailand
May 30 - Hong Kong
June 2 - Manila, Philippines
June 3 - Davao, Philippines
June 10 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
June 12 - Phuket, Thailand
June 15 - Vancouver
July 12 - Bangkok
July 16 - Chiang Mai, Thailand
July 20 - Phuket
July 27 - Bangkok
July 28 - Taipei, Taiwan
Aug 11 - Singapore
Aug 12 - Davao, Philippines
Aug 16 - Manila, Philippines
Aug 26 - Davao, Philippines
Sept 5 - Manila, Philippines
Sept 17 - Dumaguete, Philippines
Sept 21 - Davao, Philippines
Sept 22 - Phuket, Thailand
Sept 25 - Bangkok
Sept 29 - Phuket
Oct 18 - Bangkok, Thailand
Oct 23 - Los Angeles, California
Oct 30 - Puerto Rico
Nov 5 - Charlotte, North Carolina
Nov 6 - Las Vegas
Nov 11 - Austin, Texas
Nov 15 - Vancouver, Canada
Nov 27 - Vancouver Island
Nov 29 - Montreal - New York
Dec 1 - Medellin, Colombia
Dec 13 - New York
Dec 15 - Istanbul
Dec 16 - Manila, PH
Dec 17 - Davao, PH

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